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Okay Lady …..Welcome to our blog! We are excited you have made it here. Nicole and I met 2 years ago through our corporate business job. With her Woman Studies degree and my Business degree it somehow landed us in a corporate brokerage world full of truck drivers, angry customers, and a lot of hustle and bustle.  Earlier this year Nicole and I were sharing a bottle of wine in my back yard on a Friday night. This happens to be a normal occurrence after a long work week of sales, deadlines, and meetings. After glass number 5 I mentioned to Nicole that I wish I could just open up my consignment store! You know… a friendly local business were people can buy and sell their items.  Nicole smiled and said “You don’t need a store….you can do that shhh online” “You know how to market….you know how to sell…just do it!”. I said “Well alright then….you are going to do it with me!” It was then we both smiled with our wine stained teeth…Okay lady…lets start a business!

When people think of second-hand and consignment they genuinely like the concept. However unless you have a lot of time on your hands it can get REALLY exhausting to frequent your favorite second-hand store weekly to fish around for the best deals. Fashion can be expensive and exhausting, but it doesn’t mean we don’t love it. We wanted to create a business that people could frequent often and not have to spend hours searching through racks. Our website has been designed to shop easily by Item and size. We also wanted to create a business so that customers and the general public can follow fashion. We want to create a fashion community. How are we making our finds work in the everyday! How do real people wear it! Lastly, we want to make you money!  Check out our website and learn how to consign or sell to us. We look forward to working with you.

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